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NaNoWriMo 2014, day 10 report

I have written so few words the last days, I was sure the plateau was coming.

Then today came around.

fgsjfysydThat, my friends, are 30.000 words. 3000 of them written today.

And, since I knew pirates would be a big part of my novel for the next five thousand words or so, I saw all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies again. Tomorrow, I might see some more pirate movies, if I don’t decide to go to town and hang out at a café instead.

I’m still ahead, and I’m still pretty sure I will make it this year. A couple of more days where I push myself, and I’m there.

Who knows – maybe  I’ll pass by last year’s record tomorrow? 3400 more words, and I’m there.

Things I’m doing instead of writing

Because NaNoWriMo Week 2 is over us.

  • Being at work.
  • Watching Pirates of the Caribbean. All four of them in a binge.
  • Staring at that blinky line in the word processor of choice. It’s mocking me.
  • Cursing at mules. Although this happens more when I’m writing, because of my characters.
  • Date night with Husband. It’s his fault, being so romantic and stuff.
  • Waiting for the bus to and from work. And walking from work because it’s almost an hour until the next bus arrives, and walking takes half an hour.
  • Thinking “Now it’s time for tea/snack/whatever” without having anything written. Then spend a lot of time making said tea/snack/whatever.
  • Looking at today’s word count and thinking “It’s over zero, that means it’s all good.”
  • Researching. Especially non-book-related research.

NaNoWriMo 2014, day 7 report

2014-11-06 23.57.04

We write a total of almost 300 words. But as long as I keep writing, it’s okay. More than 250 words means that the plateau isn’t here yet. Plateau = nil words.

2014-11-07 10.50.54

In other words, I got my donor stuff from NaNoWriMo today! So I have a NaNoWriMo Wizard bracelet thing (pictured above) and some stickers and a bookmark (pictured below).

2014-11-07 10.54.02

The bookmark is signed by the Director of Programs and the Executive Director of NaNoWriMo. And that’s kinda neat!

I don’t know whether or not to stick the stickers on my laptop. I’m not planning to keep this laptop for too many more years. Maybe I can stick them on my NaNoWriMo plastic folder, where I store my random plot generators and notes. I’m not sure yet. Agh, the commitment!

Also, work promised they would send me a text message with the time and place for work tomorrow. And then they decided to not send me the text they promised. So now I have a vague idea of when to be at work, but no idea as of where. And it’s nearly impossible to reach them on the phone between Friday afternoon and Monday morning. Stress!

NaNoWriMo 2014, day 6 report

I am writing like the wind.

day6I am halfway there, having written more than 25.000 words. I have no words. I have no idea how I did it either. Just, wow.

I am deadly afraid of my plateau. I am still sure it will come.


This is the graph from last year. You see that period of ten days in the middle where I didn’t write a thing? Yup. The dreaded plateau. And, although I’m joking about writing fast because I want to be first, that’s not the reason. Or, that’s not the whole reason.

The main reason I write as much as I can now is that I know myself. The plateau will come. I just hope it will come after I reach 50.000.

Also, I write this much now because I am first on my friends list, and I’m usually not. I’m never first. Not for this long. And I use this wonderful feeling of being first to cover over my total, devastating anxiety of the plateau. It’s the worst anxiety I’ve had since my anxiety levels normalized after going off the anti-depressants.

I also felt a bad depression sneaking in on me before NaNoWriMo this year, and I am keeping it away by writing. I have a purpose this November. I am going to win. And the plateau and my depression will just have to wait.

NaNoWriMo 2014, day 4 report

Which may or may not be a daily thing. We’ll see.

Oh Gods, I am actually doing this!

Not only am I making myself a good buffer, but I’m also quite possibly the one in my city with the current highest word count. Usually, I’m always far, far below the daily par. The par for day 4 is 6.666 words. I currently have 14.103 words.

Last year, I reached 12.000 after fourteen days. Fourteen! This year, I passed 12.000 on day 4.

I am so amazed. And it’s so much fun. And my characters are really living a life of their own.

And I’m not done writing today. So that’s a thing.

By the way, our Internet is back. It came back yesterday. I’ve just been so busy writing, I didn’t have time to update my blog.

Edit: Final wordcount day 4 – 17.072 words, 5.025 words written today. And I made up some more absurd silliness. Yay for my brain!

The perks of not having Internet

Since I have no Internet at home, I have had to remember what I did before I had Internet in the first place. Here are some things I have been doing since my Internet disappeared:

  • Watch a lot of documentaries about different things. I know more about the Second World War now than I did a week ago.
  • Play Pokémon. I have all the gym badges in White, and have gotten a lot of progress in Pearl.
  • Start NaNoWriMo. I did leech on my cell phone Internet to hang in the chat while it all started, but it mostly happened offline.
  • Eat a lot out of boredom.
  • Watch old Disney movies.
  • Have a reason not to do stuff, like checking Facebook. “You see, I don’t have Internet, so I missed that.”
  • Have a reason to get out the door. Cafés with free WiFi, yo.
  • Drop into an annoying depression.
  • NOT play Diablo III. Boo. I want those Paragon levels.
  • Live in the sofa.

Our ordinary schedual will resume as fast as the Internet provider find out what’s wrong with our Internet connection.


Since our Internet has broken down completely right now, and I have about 400 megabytes left on my cell phone plan, I have no idea how often I can manage to update this blog before the Internet is back.

Oh well.

Today I went to work, and it was a new place. I love going to work at places I haven’t worked before, because obviously a lot of people doing what I do doesn’t do a good job. (Bad sentence, I know.)

Anyways, it was fun, and I got to do something else than sitting at the checkout all day.

I managed to hurt myself a little on a cardboard box full of fruit, though.



After work, I went to my favourite gaming shop and treated myself to a new game.


New, as in I didn’t have it yet, of course. I have the least filled Pokedex possible, with one captured and three seen, but as fast as I get Pokeballs, I’m gonna capture me a Bidoof. Yeah!

Now I own Sapphire, Fire Red, White and Pearl.

Then I took Husband home, and we cooked pasta with camembert and ham.


I am so full right now, it’s not even funny. Well, maybe a bit funny.

My Sunday Feeling

It’s Sunday. It’s quite rainy and windy and grey outside, and I crave hot chocolate. We have no milk. And due to the weather I really don’t wanna go to a shop to fetch milk neither.

I’m also slightly hungover. Not enough to drop work if I get a shift tonight. Just enough to feel slightly miserable and nauseated. But then again, if I get a shift, I have to leave the house and enter a grocery shop anyways, and I can buy milk. So that’s a thing.

In other news: Our Internet provider decided that the street we live in is overloaded. Again. So they reduced our Internet speed. Again. Now we are three family units sharing a 1 Mbit wireless connection. I can barely read online newspapers because of pictures taking forever to load. Facebook is a pain. And YouTube and Netflix is basically not even worth trying. Want an example? I reloaded my blog in my browser, and Husband’s Diablo III character died due to latency.

So we’re kinda angry about that.

But then again, barely any Internet is a great excuse to play Final Fantasy IV on my DS, so there’s always that.

“Epic” (2013)

Husband brought some new movies we hadn’t seen (or, at least I hadn’t seen any of them) when he came home Wednesday. Among them was the animated movie Epic. So we watched it.

I went in with healthy skepticism. I hadn’t heard anything about this movie. I knew it came out, yes, but I don’t even know if anyone I know have even watched it.

I loved it.

And of course my brain found something to obsess about for the whole movie. You see, this is part of the soundtrack:

And my brain was, like, “Where have I heard this before?”

Half an hour after the movie was done, though, my brain finally remembered. Listen to this:

Although not as “completely identical” as my brain insisted on, they have a lot of similarities. And there is such a relief to actually find the thing your brain is looking for. You’re trying to remember something that’s just slipping your memory several times, before you finally can pinpoint it.

But back to the movie. I loved it. If you like things like a tiny society of people in the forest, watch this. It’s quite epic indeed.