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November, 2014

I’m thinking about starting this thing where I look back at the previous month and pull out what was good, highlights and other spiffy things. It might be a monthly thing, and it might not – I know myself way too well to say that I’ll definitely do it, since my brain often go “oh no, you won’t!” and it happens a total of one, maybe two, times.

Anyway. On with the show.


Good shit

  • I got my Driver’s Licence!
  • I donated blood for the first time!
  • I won NaNoWriMo for the first time, on the sixth try!

Bad shit

  • Winter happened, so I’m constantly freezing. Snow didn’t happen, though.
  • Almost no work, so my pay has been super low. Less than welfare.
  • The month started with no Internet.

All in all

Can’t complain, really. It has been an awesome month, and although I felt a depression starting in the end of October, I haven’t really felt anything close to a depression during November. December is such a warm, light, fuzzy month anyways, and as soon as I start putting up Yuletide decorations (I don’t celebrate the Christian part of Christmas, so it’s easier to call it Yuletide), there’s no chance I will fall into a depression. You never know, though.

January, on the other hand…

All in all, November 2014 has been a social, funny and positive month. I accomplished more in a month than I usually do in a year, I hung out with awesome people several times a week because of NaNoWriMo, there’s no snow yet (I don’t really like snow), and I didn’t get the depression I thought I would get. And despite it being a cold, moneyless month, I had a good time, and I had enough money to survive.

Day Zero Project

I’m a part of a group of people who are going to start a list of 101 things we want to accomplish in 1001 days, starting January 1st 2015. We all have different lists, and we’re using the web page to keep track of this.

You can find my personal list here, or you can click the link on the top of the page, which will lead you to the list. I’m pretty sure the list on my actual Day Zero Project profile will be updated more often than the one I have pasted here on my blog, but I will try to update them both.

Some of the goals are really easy to do, others are easy, but take time, and others again are harder. But all the things on this list are things I think I’ll be able to do during 1001 days (2,7 years), so I have hopes that I’ll get through them all.

Some of the things on my list are on someone else’s list too, so some things we’ll do together. Other things, we’ll do alone.

I will try to make some posts about my progress through this project, but since I know myself pretty well, there might also not be too many updates. We’ll see.

Now I just can’t wait until I’m allowed to start!

The Winningest Kitten!

Okay, the two last days have been crazy.

Firstly, this happened:

Look at this! I did it!

Look at this! I did it!

Yeah. I kinda won NaNoWriMo for the first time.

That was yesterday.

Today turned out to be just as crazy. Remember I told you I was trying to get my driver’s licence?

I passed.

I effin passed!

A part of me is petrified by the fact that they think I’m a good enough driver to be let out on the roads, and I feel that the actual driver’s test today went horrible. Obviously not. I have this piece of paper that I can bring, and it counts as a driver’s licence until my actual licence arrives in my mailbox.

Then, I donated blood for the first time! That was much less uncomfortable than I thought it would be. I was sure I was going to be so dizzy, but nope. I’m just very tired. And trying to drink more than I use to to build up my fluid levels again.

I also have a leg of lamb preparing in the oven, and I think Husband said something about chocolate mousse. And, since a whole leg of lamb would go bad before we could manage to eat it, we’re having friends over for dinner.

Life is good. <3

The 24 centigrade freezer


The cup says “Camilla means helpful” in Norwegian, and I got it for my birthday when I was a kid. It now has gløgg in it, because gløgg is awesome. Also, *scowl*.

Everything is cold and I’m freezing and all the buses were late today and I had to go to work and I wrote like 50 words today.

It’s 24 centigtrades in this room, and I’m sitting here wrapped up in a thick woolen blanket, with probably three layers of clothing, freezing my arse off.

I hate being cold. I hope the gløgg will take care of that.

…do people even drink gløgg in other countries? I hope you non-Norwegians do, because it’s made of awesome. But, alas, I’m way too cold and lazy to research this. Maybe I’ll make a gløgg related post in December, when gløgg season starts.

I’m just gonna sit here drinking gløgg, scowling at everyone and watch youtube videos about, um, notebooks?