Monthly Archives: January 2015

All the busy

All work and no play makes Milla a dull person.

So yeah, sinve someone at work has a month or so of vacation, I have loads of shifts at work. My contract says I work less than ten hours a week, but the last two weeks I’ve worked more than thirty hours a week. And next week is no exception. No complaints from me, though. I need the moneyz.

In addition to that, I had some days of total anxiety/depression, where I was sure I wasn’t good enough for my new job. I still went, and most of the customers obviously think I’m amazeballs and super nice, so I snapped out of it pretty fast. And work is fun, and the days just gallop away.

The no sweets challenge? I’m doing just fine. No more slip-ups, and I’ve lost at least four kilos since I started the challenge. The kilos is also partly because I walk almost a metric mile every day I go to woŕk, but I think the lack of sugar has some of the blame, too.

I’ve been watching anime again, though, so I crave Japanese melon bread like crazy. I found a recipe, though, so it’s the first thing I’m gonna enjoy when all this is done. That, and a small coke.

Day Zero Project has started, too. Or, at least the group effort version of it. But that needs a blog post of its own.

No Sweets Update

Remember the last post I made? The one about not eating sweets for two months?

Basically, I failed.

But I won’t let this small set back stop me, I will keep on doing this. Only thing is, I will now have to donate to someone at the end of this challenge.

You see, I was shopping after work one day, and I was really tired. The shop was dealing out free samples of cake. I thought “hey, free food!” and grabbed a slice. When I was chewing the piece of cake, I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to have cake. Oops.

So I had cake, and it was during the first week of the challenge. Go me.

A (sort of) New Year’s Resolution

I found a challenge on Facebook, and I decided to try it out.

The challenge? No sweets for 8 weeks, starting Monday 5th. That is today. Eep.


Ph43r my epic Paint skillz!

The penalty for not managing the challenge? I have to donate NOK 200,- to a charity of my choice.

Since the definition of sweets is kind of loose, and everyone defines it differently, here are my rules:

No candy
No chocolate
No soda (sparkling water is okay, though)
No energy drinks (coffee is okay, or else I will die at work)
No cake (except one small slice on special occasions, if someone invites me to a birthday or similar event)
No ice cream
No drinks with added sugar (I can’t say drinks with sugar here, due to milk having milk sugar naturally. Chocolate-flavoured milk is, however, off-limits.)
No chips
No extra sugar on my morning cereal

So yeah. I think I’ll manage. It will be hard, though. I know myself, and I love my sweets and snacks.