Monthly Archives: February 2016

I don’t want to be a grownup

Especially when being a grownup means I’ll have to go to work six out of seven days in a row, and the only day I have off I have to go to bloody university and pay attention when I want to spend the day on the couch watching youtube. Or play Subnautica.

Tomorrow, I have a lecture at 12:30, then work at 18:00. Luckily, I have both Friday and Saturday off this week (Two days in a row? What kind of vile sorcery is this?), so I have a tiny chance to recharge a bit.

Today I was at work from 8 to 16, and considering I had six hours of total sleep last night, divided into two-hour units, it’s a miracle I was still standing when I was done. I even attended role playing afterwards, although I left halfway through the thing, since I’m exhausted.

So with my alarm set for 10:00 tomorrow, I’m gonna put away my phone now and read until I fall asleep. One more day to get through. Then some glorious days off.


*peeks in*

Uh, hello?

Does anyone still follow this blog?

Did anyone follow this blog in the first place?

I sure forgot all about it, though, so I’m not gonna be mad if y’all did, too.

I’ll try to be a better blogger. I can’t promise anything, since I know myself (finally), but I’ll try.

A kind of update of my life since last time I remembered this blog;

  • Still working in the grocery shop.
  • Still living in the apartment with the horrible shared WiFi solution. The Internet is slightly better, though. Most of the time.
  • Still haven’t killed my husband. And we’ve lived together for ten years now. (I do love him a lot, although it might not seem like it.)
  • 2015 was a below average year.
  • January 2016 was shitty. Everyone died, and I had too much work and school at the same time.
  • I feel safe behind the wheel now. So I think I’ve got the whole driving a car deal down.
  • I started school again. While still working. This might or might not be a good idea.
  • I became an aunt, and decided to become a cool aunt that brings Lego and go to fun museums.
  • This winter’s snow came in January. In such a way that I felt winter went all “oh shit, I forgot the snow!” and we got almost two feet of it in three days.
  • I decided that I’ll never live another place where pets are prohibited. I need a kitty.

There’s probably more shit that happened. If it’s important, I’ll probably mention it in another post later.