Monthly Archives: December 2016

Grandpa (1930-2016)

I really wanted to start blogging regularly. I really did. But then, just before my exam, my grandpa started dying. He lived almost a week after my exam, and passed away December 10th.

I’ve kept busy by being at work almost every day (except the two days I used on the funeral and the travel time there, and one day where I just sat down doing nothing), which helped, since I didn’t have time to think. My mind is exhausted, but I’m doing okay now. Or, as okay as one can be after losing a grandparent, I guess.

I’m just going to use some time to do self-care and try to survive Christmas-time in the retail business. Maybe I’ll post something here. Maybe not. We’ll see.

The End of an Era

I just quit both my grocery store jobs. I was done with the Sunday only job last month. I have the rest of December left at my other job. It’s gonna be weird, I’ve worked there for two years. I’m gonna miss the coworkers, and some of the customers I see every time I go there.

I’m not gonna miss how some people look at grocery shop workers, though. That was getting a bit old, to be honest. “You work as a cashier at a grocery shop? Well, you’ve got to be stupid. Smart people can get better jobs.”

To be honest, I liked working at a grocery store. I just don’t work well without random hours, since I’ve noticed I need a structured week plan to be happy. But I love helping customers. I love the challenge to get a frowning customer to smile by being a fellow human. It gives me joy.

But the end of my grocery adventure marks the start of a new adventure. Starting January, I will spend the first school semester at a laboratory, checking if food and drinking water is safe. I won’t get any pay, and I think the official scholarship provider in Norway might still hate me for failing over and over again in the past, so I might go 5 months with no pay. But it will be an experience, in which I will learn a lot of neat stuff, so even though we have to eat cardboard boxes for half a year, I think my education will be worth it.

I hope.

I am the Worst Blogger

Hopefully, I’ll make more than two posts and not disappear for almost a year again.

But then again, I have a working laptop again. Blogging on my phone just isn’t the same. And my gaming PC, well, somehow I don’t like writing on it. I have no idea why.

So if everything goes as planned, and I don’t forget that I have a blog again, I might be posting here from time to time.