“I want you to bake something today”

This was what my husband told me yesterday. I love freshly baked stuff, so I couldn’t really say no. I don’t really bake stuff all that often, so it’s always fun to get a reason to bake something.

We thought about making cinnamon rolls, and halfway decided to make this. But then I would need milk, and we were all out of milk. And making cinnamon rolls with water instead of milk is no good. Or, it works, it’s just not all that good.

At the grocery shop, however, we found Norwegian apples. You can only get real Norwegian apples in autumn, and this is in the middle of the apple season. We decided to scrap the cinnamon roll idea, and make apple cake instead. Apple cake with custard cream. Yummeeeh!

Since apple cake is so delicious, we decided to make a double size one, with eight apples instead of four. I put it in the oven, waited for half an hour, and took it out again.

It wasn’t done.

I didn’t have the time to shove it back into the oven, because I really needed to make dinner, and since potatoes au gratin also needs the oven, the cake would have to wait.

After dinner, though, and about one and a half hour after I took it out, I shoved the cake back in the oven, for another half an hour. It still wasn’t completely done, but I was afraid it would be too dry and overcooked on the edges, so I took it out.

We were both full after dinner, so we didn’t eat it before this morning. (Apple cake for breakfast. Oh so healthy.) And it’s so good, so moist and the apple pieces in the cake is really soft and sweet.


It is also the first thing I’ve baked as a wife. So that’s a thing. <3

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