The 24 centigrade freezer


The cup says “Camilla means helpful” in Norwegian, and I got it for my birthday when I was a kid. It now has gløgg in it, because gløgg is awesome. Also, *scowl*.

Everything is cold and I’m freezing and all the buses were late today and I had to go to work and I wrote like 50 words today.

It’s 24 centigtrades in this room, and I’m sitting here wrapped up in a thick woolen blanket, with probably three layers of clothing, freezing my arse off.

I hate being cold. I hope the gløgg will take care of that.

…do people even drink gløgg in other countries? I hope you non-Norwegians do, because it’s made of awesome. But, alas, I’m way too cold and lazy to research this. Maybe I’ll make a gløgg related post in December, when gløgg season starts.

I’m just gonna sit here drinking gløgg, scowling at everyone and watch youtube videos about, um, notebooks?

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