The Winningest Kitten!

Okay, the two last days have been crazy.

Firstly, this happened:

Look at this! I did it!

Look at this! I did it!

Yeah. I kinda won NaNoWriMo for the first time.

That was yesterday.

Today turned out to be just as crazy. Remember I told you I was trying to get my driver’s licence?

I passed.

I effin passed!

A part of me is petrified by the fact that they think I’m a good enough driver to be let out on the roads, and I feel that the actual driver’s test today went horrible. Obviously not. I have this piece of paper that I can bring, and it counts as a driver’s licence until my actual licence arrives in my mailbox.

Then, I donated blood for the first time! That was much less uncomfortable than I thought it would be. I was sure I was going to be so dizzy, but nope. I’m just very tired. And trying to drink more than I use to to build up my fluid levels again.

I also have a leg of lamb preparing in the oven, and I think Husband said something about chocolate mousse. And, since a whole leg of lamb would go bad before we could manage to eat it, we’re having friends over for dinner.

Life is good. <3

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