eBokBib: A kind of review

Norwegian libraries have now made an app where you can borrow e-books. Which is kind of neat, because I usually don’t remove real paper books from the house, since they get all wrinkly and torn in my bag. My tablet doesn’t get all wrinkly in my bag. This means I can read on the bus, and while waiting for my shift to start.

Play Store link
Apple Store link (although I almost decided to let you Apple people search it up yourself, because you use Apple, and I don’t like Apple. Look, I’m nice!)

The app is mostly usable for you guys who can read Norwegian, since most of the books there are in Norwegian. You also need a Norwegian library card to log in. The app, however, is both in Norwegian and English.

There are two types of books you can borrow: New books and old books. The old ones have no time restrictions, and everyone can read them at once. The newer books, however, works much more like an ordinary library, where you can borrow the books for a set amount of time (I think it’s 22 days), and only a set amount of people can borrow the book at the same time. Also, some of the newer books can only be borrowed if you live in certain post code areas.

The reading experience is actually quite good. On my Galaxy Tab 2 it works really well. There are a couple of downsides, though. Firstly, if it’s sunny, you might have problems reading, since it’s on a screen. Secondly, it’s not a book, so it’s not made of paper, and the best way to read is real books with paper in them, and books don’t run out of battery either. Thirdly, I got a weird bug where the text doesn’t show up when I choose Night Mode (light text on dark background, which is much better than dark text on light background if you’re reading in a dark room), and all the other modes light up the room when I’m reading in bed with the lights off.

Other than this, it’s great!

Right now, I’m reading a book called Råta, by Siri Pettersen. It’s the second book of her series Ravneringene, and I love it to bits. It came out in mid-October, and I’m reading it as a library e-book already. It’s also Norwegian fantasy, which is a rare thing, and it makes me, as an aspiring Norwegian fantasy writer, kind of giddy and warm and fuzzy inside. It’s sadly not translated, as far as I can tell, to any other language as of yet, but  I hope it will spread all over the world. It’s such a good series, everyone should read it.

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