Christmas eve 2014

I love Christmas eve. It’s the best eve of the year.


Gift! I’m so looking forward to reading this!


New Samsung phone, since the old one is dying. And I’m kind of surprised that husband spent this much money on me, since I bought him a gaming mouse, which is pricey, but not smart phone pricey.

Also, woolen underwear and a huge woolen sweater. I love warm clothing, so I was really excited about that, too.

My dad and stepmother had made a picture book from our wedding, that was also really awesome. No picture of that, since husband is on the pictures, and he doesn’t want to be on my blog.

Also, money. Money is always appreciated.

And that was the Christmas loot I got this year. I am extremely grateful. <3


Christmas tree! It’s so pretty!


Reflective close up of tree decoration.

I am tired. And really stuffed, though it’s almost three hours since we ate dinner. A perfectly ordinary, yet perfect Christmas eve.

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