A (sort of) New Year’s Resolution

I found a challenge on Facebook, and I decided to try it out.

The challenge? No sweets for 8 weeks, starting Monday 5th. That is today. Eep.


Ph43r my epic Paint skillz!

The penalty for not managing the challenge? I have to donate NOK 200,- to a charity of my choice.

Since the definition of sweets is kind of loose, and everyone defines it differently, here are my rules:

No candy
No chocolate
No soda (sparkling water is okay, though)
No energy drinks (coffee is okay, or else I will die at work)
No cake (except one small slice on special occasions, if someone invites me to a birthday or similar event)
No ice cream
No drinks with added sugar (I can’t say drinks with sugar here, due to milk having milk sugar naturally. Chocolate-flavoured milk is, however, off-limits.)
No chips
No extra sugar on my morning cereal

So yeah. I think I’ll manage. It will be hard, though. I know myself, and I love my sweets and snacks.

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