You know what? I might’ve been working too much lately.

During the two last weeks, I’ve had three days off (not counting today, since today is a brand new week and all), and I’m tired. I haven’t been doing much else than working, eating, watching something on the Internet, then sleeping. And before 2015, I’ve never had a full-time job, first due to anxiety/depression, and then due to there not being enough work to do at work (or economy) to hire me full-time.

And suddenly, I started in a new job, someone took a five week vacation, and I suddenly practically worked a full-time job.

This week, though, the person who was on a vacation came back. I have two days of work on my schedule for this week. It’s so weird. And I have no idea of what to do with my time, since I’m used to be at work for five to nine hours a day, usually eight hours.

Well, the apartment do need a proper clean-up, since I’m messy as hell, and have been totally spent, energy-wise, when I’ve been at home. But come on. Let’s be realistic here. Me? Cleaning up?

I mean, I should, but it’s so bloody hard to start. And it’s so messy here now, I have no idea where to begin.

I will never become a proper housewife. A wife, maybe. But no housewife.

In other news, the no sweets thing is going fine. I’m craving stuff like crazy, but after that one incident with the cake, I’ve managed to stay the course. And there’s only two weeks left until I can eat sweets again. I’ve become semi-addicted to oranges, though. And I have a persimmon and a rambutan lying around my kitchen for me to enjoy sometime soon. The persimmon will probably be consumed today. I’ve never tasted persimmon before, I hope it’s good. Rambutan, on the other hand, is delicious. The only problem is that the fruit part is a bit hard to gnaw off the stone, without getting parts of the stone’s outer layer in my mouth. I have a thing against all kinds of fruit stones, and a lot of larger seeds. But seeing that rambutans are fun to skin, and they’re really ugly before you skin them, they are also fun to eat.

Now, however, I’m on my period. I could kill for chocolate. But I won’t. Because it’s only two weeks left.

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