Today’s shopping haul + freebies

Since I was on a “collect birthday freebies” trip around town today, and actually spent money to boot, here are the things I dragged home with me today.

wpid-20150408_134245.jpgFour chocolate-chip buns! It was supposed to be three buns and a cookie, but they were all out of cookies. Also, not pictured because I drank ’em, two cups of coffee. The coffee wasn’t amazing, but it was free, had caffeine in it, and was kinda okay with milk.

wpid-20150408_134305.jpgA bag of knitting coffee! I was offered a bag of coffee, tea or spice at a kitchen utensil type shop because of my birthday. I chose coffee, because my tea cabinet is already too full, and I’m not a big fan of pre-mixed spice mixes. Also, caffeine. And knitting.

wpid-20150408_134332.jpgTo round off the free stuff part of the post, here’s a green apple I got from some people promoting Specsavers, I think. I love green apples, so this was appreciated.

wpid-20150408_134351.jpgThis was almost free. One of the local convenience store chains had this deal where they lowered the price of this beverage with 5 NOK every day, until it becomes free tomorrow. I paid 5 NOK for this, and the price in an ordinary grocery shop is just around 20 NOK or over, so it was still an amazing deal. I can’t wait until tomorrow, since there are only 1000 bottles in this thing nationwide, and I’m at work tomorrow morning.

wpid-20150408_134409.jpgThese were not free, and since I bought them at 7-eleven they were quite expensive. But I’ve never tasted the chocolate, and I can’t remember if this particular Fanta is good or not, so I bought them. I think I’ve tasted the Fanta before, at least.

wpid-20150408_134427.jpgA notebook. I fell in love with this when I saw it. It’s gonna be my new bullet journal, hopefully when the old one is full. I might have trouble waiting until then, though. We’ll see.

wpid-20150408_134540.jpgAnd lastly, nine rolls of washi tape. It’s an obsession, and I might be addicted. But they are so pretty! Also, a pen that can write on almost everything. Or so the woman in the shop said. We will see about that.

So there you have it. Now I’m gonna eat one of the buns and drink one of the sodas to build up morale for work. I really don’t want to go to work today, but since I’m a grown-up, I have to. Being a grown-up sucks sometimes.

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