I don’t want to be a grownup

Especially when being a grownup means I’ll have to go to work six out of seven days in a row, and the only day I have off I have to go to bloody university and pay attention when I want to spend the day on the couch watching youtube. Or play Subnautica.

Tomorrow, I have a lecture at 12:30, then work at 18:00. Luckily, I have both Friday and Saturday off this week (Two days in a row? What kind of vile sorcery is this?), so I have a tiny chance to recharge a bit.

Today I was at work from 8 to 16, and considering I had six hours of total sleep last night, divided into two-hour units, it’s a miracle I was still standing when I was done. I even attended role playing afterwards, although I left halfway through the thing, since I’m exhausted.

So with my alarm set for 10:00 tomorrow, I’m gonna put away my phone now and read until I fall asleep. One more day to get through. Then some glorious days off.


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