“Epic” (2013)

Husband brought some new movies we hadn’t seen (or, at least I hadn’t seen any of them) when he came home Wednesday. Among them was the animated movie Epic. So we watched it.

I went in with healthy skepticism. I hadn’t heard anything about this movie. I knew it came out, yes, but I don’t even know if anyone I know have even watched it.

I loved it.

And of course my brain found something to obsess about for the whole movie. You see, this is part of the soundtrack:

And my brain was, like, “Where have I heard this before?”

Half an hour after the movie was done, though, my brain finally remembered. Listen to this:

Although not as “completely identical” as my brain insisted on, they have a lot of similarities. And there is such a relief to actually find the thing your brain is looking for. You’re trying to remember something that’s just slipping your memory several times, before you finally can pinpoint it.

But back to the movie. I loved it. If you like things like a tiny society of people in the forest, watch this. It’s quite epic indeed.

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