The perks of not having Internet

Since I have no Internet at home, I have had to remember what I did before I had Internet in the first place. Here are some things I have been doing since my Internet disappeared:

  • Watch a lot of documentaries about different things. I know more about the Second World War now than I did a week ago.
  • Play Pokémon. I have all the gym badges in White, and have gotten a lot of progress in Pearl.
  • Start NaNoWriMo. I did leech on my cell phone Internet to hang in the chat while it all started, but it mostly happened offline.
  • Eat a lot out of boredom.
  • Watch old Disney movies.
  • Have a reason not to do stuff, like checking Facebook. “You see, I don’t have Internet, so I missed that.”
  • Have a reason to get out the door. Cafés with free WiFi, yo.
  • Drop into an annoying depression.
  • NOT play Diablo III. Boo. I want those Paragon levels.
  • Live in the sofa.

Our ordinary schedual will resume as fast as the Internet provider find out what’s wrong with our Internet connection.

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