Since our Internet has broken down completely right now, and I have about 400 megabytes left on my cell phone plan, I have no idea how often I can manage to update this blog before the Internet is back.

Oh well.

Today I went to work, and it was a new place. I love going to work at places I haven’t worked before, because obviously a lot of people doing what I do doesn’t do a good job. (Bad sentence, I know.)

Anyways, it was fun, and I got to do something else than sitting at the checkout all day.

I managed to hurt myself a little on a cardboard box full of fruit, though.



After work, I went to my favourite gaming shop and treated myself to a new game.


New, as in I didn’t have it yet, of course. I have the least filled Pokedex possible, with one captured and three seen, but as fast as I get Pokeballs, I’m gonna capture me a Bidoof. Yeah!

Now I own Sapphire, Fire Red, White and Pearl.

Then I took Husband home, and we cooked pasta with camembert and ham.


I am so full right now, it’s not even funny. Well, maybe a bit funny.

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