NaNoWriMo 2014, day 4 report

Which may or may not be a daily thing. We’ll see.

Oh Gods, I am actually doing this!

Not only am I making myself a good buffer, but I’m also quite possibly the one in my city with the current highest word count. Usually, I’m always far, far below the daily par. The par for day 4 is 6.666 words. I currently have 14.103 words.

Last year, I reached 12.000 after fourteen days. Fourteen! This year, I passed 12.000 on day 4.

I am so amazed. And it’s so much fun. And my characters are really living a life of their own.

And I’m not done writing today. So that’s a thing.

By the way, our Internet is back. It came back yesterday. I’ve just been so busy writing, I didn’t have time to update my blog.

Edit: Final wordcount day 4 – 17.072 words, 5.025 words written today. And I made up some more absurd silliness. Yay for my brain!

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