Things I’m doing instead of writing

Because NaNoWriMo Week 2 is over us.

  • Being at work.
  • Watching Pirates of the Caribbean. All four of them in a binge.
  • Staring at that blinky line in the word processor of choice. It’s mocking me.
  • Cursing at mules. Although this happens more when I’m writing, because of my characters.
  • Date night with Husband. It’s his fault, being so romantic and stuff.
  • Waiting for the bus to and from work. And walking from work because it’s almost an hour until the next bus arrives, and walking takes half an hour.
  • Thinking “Now it’s time for tea/snack/whatever” without having anything written. Then spend a lot of time making said tea/snack/whatever.
  • Looking at today’s word count and thinking “It’s over zero, that means it’s all good.”
  • Researching. Especially non-book-related research.

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