NaNoWriMo 2014, day 10 report

I have written so few words the last days, I was sure the plateau was coming.

Then today came around.

fgsjfysydThat, my friends, are 30.000 words. 3000 of them written today.

And, since I knew pirates would be a big part of my novel for the next five thousand words or so, I saw all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies again. Tomorrow, I might see some more pirate movies, if I don’t decide to go to town and hang out at a caf√© instead.

I’m still ahead, and I’m still pretty sure I will make it this year. A couple of more days where I push myself, and I’m there.

Who knows – maybe¬† I’ll pass by last year’s record tomorrow? 3400 more words, and I’m there.

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