All the busy

All work and no play makes Milla a dull person.

So yeah, sinve someone at work has a month or so of vacation, I have loads of shifts at work. My contract says I work less than ten hours a week, but the last two weeks I’ve worked more than thirty hours a week. And next week is no exception. No complaints from me, though. I need the moneyz.

In addition to that, I had some days of total anxiety/depression, where I was sure I wasn’t good enough for my new job. I still went, and most of the customers obviously think I’m amazeballs and super nice, so I snapped out of it pretty fast. And work is fun, and the days just gallop away.

The no sweets challenge? I’m doing just fine. No more slip-ups, and I’ve lost at least four kilos since I started the challenge. The kilos is also partly because I walk almost a metric mile every day I go to woŕk, but I think the lack of sugar has some of the blame, too.

I’ve been watching anime again, though, so I crave Japanese melon bread like crazy. I found a recipe, though, so it’s the first thing I’m gonna enjoy when all this is done. That, and a small coke.

Day Zero Project has started, too. Or, at least the group effort version of it. But that needs a blog post of its own.

No Sweets Update

Remember the last post I made? The one about not eating sweets for two months?

Basically, I failed.

But I won’t let this small set back stop me, I will keep on doing this. Only thing is, I will now have to donate to someone at the end of this challenge.

You see, I was shopping after work one day, and I was really tired. The shop was dealing out free samples of cake. I thought “hey, free food!” and grabbed a slice. When I was chewing the piece of cake, I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to have cake. Oops.

So I had cake, and it was during the first week of the challenge. Go me.

A (sort of) New Year’s Resolution

I found a challenge on Facebook, and I decided to try it out.

The challenge? No sweets for 8 weeks, starting Monday 5th. That is today. Eep.


Ph43r my epic Paint skillz!

The penalty for not managing the challenge? I have to donate NOK 200,- to a charity of my choice.

Since the definition of sweets is kind of loose, and everyone defines it differently, here are my rules:

No candy
No chocolate
No soda (sparkling water is okay, though)
No energy drinks (coffee is okay, or else I will die at work)
No cake (except one small slice on special occasions, if someone invites me to a birthday or similar event)
No ice cream
No drinks with added sugar (I can’t say drinks with sugar here, due to milk having milk sugar naturally. Chocolate-flavoured milk is, however, off-limits.)
No chips
No extra sugar on my morning cereal

So yeah. I think I’ll manage. It will be hard, though. I know myself, and I love my sweets and snacks.



Hookay, this has been an amazing year. At least the second half of it, and although the first half was mostly used to feeling crap, the effects were amazing.

I started this year weaning off antidepressants. I had tonnes of withdrawal symptoms, and weren’t always sure whether or not I would manage getting through that at all, without curling up in a ball for the whole half year. But thanks to awesome friends, and the bestest fiancé a girl could want, I pulled through. And I learned stuff about how I should get through things, and also just how much my meds covered up all feelings, not just the bad ones.

I also got the stomach flu for my birthday this year.

Easter was celebrated in Oslo at my grandparents’ this year. My mom and my little brother came over from Sweden bringing Påskmust, which is a soda from Sweden that is made of awesome and nostalgia. And also candy.

May went by in an icky cloud of depression. And then I found out that it was, indeed, my job that made me depressed, so I quit. My doctor was, like, “hell no, you need to get out of there, right now!” and I just quit. Soon after, I started working as a grocery store clerk in all the Bunnpris shops in town. And, although I get yelled at on an almost daily basis, I actually liked my new job better.

Summer 2014. The weather was amazing, and really hot. I got pollen allergy, and passed my driver’s education theory test. I also started forgetting what fruit and veg was really called, and usually called them the four-digit code we use in the shop instead.

And also wedding planning. Which, in our case, included going to the annual Viking market in town and using a painful amount of money.

September. I didn’t work for a single hour in September. The first week was only wedding preparations. Then, the wedding weekend happened. This was the best day of my life. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Having a party for love with most of your loved ones around you is pure bliss. I was so tired when I finally went to bed, and I didn’t really want to go to bed, because the day was so perfect and the fire was so warm and the people were so amazing. But then I almost fell over from exhaustion, so I went to bed.

The whole next week, I walked around in a cosy bliss, being called “wife” by my now husband. And then, we left Norway for Japan for two weeks. Best honeymoon decision ever.

Then, November came. I donated blood for the first time (yay!), passed my driver’s test (woop!), and won NaNoWriMo too! Almost no work, however, which made my bank account sad.

December was spent in a pre-Christmas blur of cosiness and warmth. I also worked a lot, and earned more in the first half of December than in November. And then Christmas vacation happened, and I was out of town, unable to work, so the total pay for December turned out to be quite low anyway.

Also, both my computer and my cell phone decided to die during the Christmas vacation. The cell phone was okay, since it was old and unreliable anyways, and I actually got a new one for Christmas this year. My C:\ drive, however, was not okay. So yesterday we had to buy two new hard drives instead of one (since Husband’s hard drive had been turning itself off randomly for a month or so now, and needed to be changed), and my Windows product key is missing, so I had to install Ubuntu instead. And gaming on Ubuntu? Not very easy.

Anyways, here’s a small wish that 2015 will be half as amazing as 2014. We’ll be celebrating tonight at a couple of friends’ house.

Christmas eve 2014

I love Christmas eve. It’s the best eve of the year.


Gift! I’m so looking forward to reading this!


New Samsung phone, since the old one is dying. And I’m kind of surprised that husband spent this much money on me, since I bought him a gaming mouse, which is pricey, but not smart phone pricey.

Also, woolen underwear and a huge woolen sweater. I love warm clothing, so I was really excited about that, too.

My dad and stepmother had made a picture book from our wedding, that was also really awesome. No picture of that, since husband is on the pictures, and he doesn’t want to be on my blog.

Also, money. Money is always appreciated.

And that was the Christmas loot I got this year. I am extremely grateful. <3


Christmas tree! It’s so pretty!


Reflective close up of tree decoration.

I am tired. And really stuffed, though it’s almost three hours since we ate dinner. A perfectly ordinary, yet perfect Christmas eve.

Work work

I haven’t really blogged for a while now, and I’m kind of sorry for that. But only kind of.

You see, work picked up again. A lot of stuff happens in December. Everyone wants my attention. And I have to spend some quality time with my husband in the middle of all this.

My mood has also been all over the place. But then again, it’s my first yuletide without antidepressants. If I’m not crying over something beautiful every day during these December days, I’m surprised.

But there are news. I have gotten myself a job. And I start in January. It’s very few hours, but it seems like they always need people, so I hope there will be extra hours, and also more regular shifts I can get later on. Fingers crossed!

Because of this new job, though, I’ve been haunted by anxiety over my choice. What if I don’t get enough hours? What if this is a horrible idea? I have decided to try not to listen to these voices, and instead cling to the voice that says “you’ll have to start somewhere. ”

Because I do have to start somewhere.

eBokBib: A kind of review

Norwegian libraries have now made an app where you can borrow e-books. Which is kind of neat, because I usually don’t remove real paper books from the house, since they get all wrinkly and torn in my bag. My tablet doesn’t get all wrinkly in my bag. This means I can read on the bus, and while waiting for my shift to start.

Play Store link
Apple Store link (although I almost decided to let you Apple people search it up yourself, because you use Apple, and I don’t like Apple. Look, I’m nice!)

The app is mostly usable for you guys who can read Norwegian, since most of the books there are in Norwegian. You also need a Norwegian library card to log in. The app, however, is both in Norwegian and English.

There are two types of books you can borrow: New books and old books. The old ones have no time restrictions, and everyone can read them at once. The newer books, however, works much more like an ordinary library, where you can borrow the books for a set amount of time (I think it’s 22 days), and only a set amount of people can borrow the book at the same time. Also, some of the newer books can only be borrowed if you live in certain post code areas.

The reading experience is actually quite good. On my Galaxy Tab 2 it works really well. There are a couple of downsides, though. Firstly, if it’s sunny, you might have problems reading, since it’s on a screen. Secondly, it’s not a book, so it’s not made of paper, and the best way to read is real books with paper in them, and books don’t run out of battery either. Thirdly, I got a weird bug where the text doesn’t show up when I choose Night Mode (light text on dark background, which is much better than dark text on light background if you’re reading in a dark room), and all the other modes light up the room when I’m reading in bed with the lights off.

Other than this, it’s great!

Right now, I’m reading a book called Råta, by Siri Pettersen. It’s the second book of her series Ravneringene, and I love it to bits. It came out in mid-October, and I’m reading it as a library e-book already. It’s also Norwegian fantasy, which is a rare thing, and it makes me, as an aspiring Norwegian fantasy writer, kind of giddy and warm and fuzzy inside. It’s sadly not translated, as far as I can tell, to any other language as of yet, but  I hope it will spread all over the world. It’s such a good series, everyone should read it.

November, 2014

I’m thinking about starting this thing where I look back at the previous month and pull out what was good, highlights and other spiffy things. It might be a monthly thing, and it might not – I know myself way too well to say that I’ll definitely do it, since my brain often go “oh no, you won’t!” and it happens a total of one, maybe two, times.

Anyway. On with the show.


Good shit

  • I got my Driver’s Licence!
  • I donated blood for the first time!
  • I won NaNoWriMo for the first time, on the sixth try!

Bad shit

  • Winter happened, so I’m constantly freezing. Snow didn’t happen, though.
  • Almost no work, so my pay has been super low. Less than welfare.
  • The month started with no Internet.

All in all

Can’t complain, really. It has been an awesome month, and although I felt a depression starting in the end of October, I haven’t really felt anything close to a depression during November. December is such a warm, light, fuzzy month anyways, and as soon as I start putting up Yuletide decorations (I don’t celebrate the Christian part of Christmas, so it’s easier to call it Yuletide), there’s no chance I will fall into a depression. You never know, though.

January, on the other hand…

All in all, November 2014 has been a social, funny and positive month. I accomplished more in a month than I usually do in a year, I hung out with awesome people several times a week because of NaNoWriMo, there’s no snow yet (I don’t really like snow), and I didn’t get the depression I thought I would get. And despite it being a cold, moneyless month, I had a good time, and I had enough money to survive.