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Grandpa (1930-2016)

I really wanted to start blogging regularly. I really did. But then, just before my exam, my grandpa started dying. He lived almost a week after my exam, and passed away December 10th.

I’ve kept busy by being at work almost every day (except the two days I used on the funeral and the travel time there, and one day where I just sat down doing nothing), which helped, since I didn’t have time to think. My mind is exhausted, but I’m doing okay now. Or, as okay as one can be after losing a grandparent, I guess.

I’m just going to use some time to do self-care and try to survive Christmas-time in the retail business. Maybe I’ll post something here. Maybe not. We’ll see.

The End of an Era

I just quit both my grocery store jobs. I was done with the Sunday only job last month. I have the rest of December left at my other job. It’s gonna be weird, I’ve worked there for two years. I’m gonna miss the coworkers, and some of the customers I see every time I go there.

I’m not gonna miss how some people look at grocery shop workers, though. That was getting a bit old, to be honest. “You work as a cashier at a grocery shop? Well, you’ve got to be stupid. Smart people can get better jobs.”

To be honest, I liked working at a grocery store. I just don’t work well without random hours, since I’ve noticed I need a structured week plan to be happy. But I love helping customers. I love the challenge to get a frowning customer to smile by being a fellow human. It gives me joy.

But the end of my grocery adventure marks the start of a new adventure. Starting January, I will spend the first school semester at a laboratory, checking if food and drinking water is safe. I won’t get any pay, and I think the official scholarship provider in Norway might still hate me for failing over and over again in the past, so I might go 5 months with no pay. But it will be an experience, in which I will learn a lot of neat stuff, so even though we have to eat cardboard boxes for half a year, I think my education will be worth it.

I hope.

*peeks in*

Uh, hello?

Does anyone still follow this blog?

Did anyone follow this blog in the first place?

I sure forgot all about it, though, so I’m not gonna be mad if y’all did, too.

I’ll try to be a better blogger. I can’t promise anything, since I know myself (finally), but I’ll try.

A kind of update of my life since last time I remembered this blog;

  • Still working in the grocery shop.
  • Still living in the apartment with the horrible shared WiFi solution. The Internet is slightly better, though. Most of the time.
  • Still haven’t killed my husband. And we’ve lived together for ten years now. (I do love him a lot, although it might not seem like it.)
  • 2015 was a below average year.
  • January 2016 was shitty. Everyone died, and I had too much work and school at the same time.
  • I feel safe behind the wheel now. So I think I’ve got the whole driving a car deal down.
  • I started school again. While still working. This might or might not be a good idea.
  • I became an aunt, and decided to become a cool aunt that brings Lego and go to fun museums.
  • This winter’s snow came in January. In such a way that I felt winter went all “oh shit, I forgot the snow!” and we got almost two feet of it in three days.
  • I decided that I’ll never live another place where pets are prohibited. I need a kitty.

There’s probably more shit that happened. If it’s important, I’ll probably mention it in another post later.



Hookay, this has been an amazing year. At least the second half of it, and although the first half was mostly used to feeling crap, the effects were amazing.

I started this year weaning off antidepressants. I had tonnes of withdrawal symptoms, and weren’t always sure whether or not I would manage getting through that at all, without curling up in a ball for the whole half year. But thanks to awesome friends, and the bestest fiancĂ© a girl could want, I pulled through. And I learned stuff about how I should get through things, and also just how much my meds covered up all feelings, not just the bad ones.

I also got the stomach flu for my birthday this year.

Easter was celebrated in Oslo at my grandparents’ this year. My mom and my little brother came over from Sweden bringing PĂ„skmust, which is a soda from Sweden that is made of awesome and nostalgia. And also candy.

May went by in an icky cloud of depression. And then I found out that it was, indeed, my job that made me depressed, so I quit. My doctor was, like, “hell no, you need to get out of there, right now!” and I just quit. Soon after, I started working as a grocery store clerk in all the Bunnpris shops in town. And, although I get yelled at on an almost daily basis, I actually liked my new job better.

Summer 2014. The weather was amazing, and really hot. I got pollen allergy, and passed my driver’s education theory test. I also started forgetting what fruit and veg was really called, and usually called them the four-digit code we use in the shop instead.

And also wedding planning. Which, in our case, included going to the annual Viking market in town and using a painful amount of money.

September. I didn’t work for a single hour in September. The first week was only wedding preparations. Then, the wedding weekend happened. This was the best day of my life. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Having a party for love with most of your loved ones around you is pure bliss. I was so tired when I finally went to bed, and I didn’t really want to go to bed, because the day was so perfect and the fire was so warm and the people were so amazing. But then I almost fell over from exhaustion, so I went to bed.

The whole next week, I walked around in a cosy bliss, being called “wife” by my now husband. And then, we left Norway for Japan for two weeks. Best honeymoon decision ever.

Then, November came. I donated blood for the first time (yay!), passed my driver’s test (woop!), and won NaNoWriMo too! Almost no work, however, which made my bank account sad.

December was spent in a pre-Christmas blur of cosiness and warmth. I also worked a lot, and earned more in the first half of December than in November. And then Christmas vacation happened, and I was out of town, unable to work, so the total pay for December turned out to be quite low anyway.

Also, both my computer and my cell phone decided to die during the Christmas vacation. The cell phone was okay, since it was old and unreliable anyways, and I actually got a new one for Christmas this year. My C:\ drive, however, was not okay. So yesterday we had to buy two new hard drives instead of one (since Husband’s hard drive had been turning itself off randomly for a month or so now, and needed to be changed), and my Windows product key is missing, so I had to install Ubuntu instead. And gaming on Ubuntu? Not very easy.

Anyways, here’s a small wish that 2015 will be half as amazing as 2014. We’ll be celebrating tonight at a couple of friends’ house.

A tiny bit of Life among the writing

I might have written only about NaNoWriMo lately. So here’s a post about what else is happening for you guys who don’t care about me spewing out words like there’s no tomorrow.


Me, doing the driver’s education thing this summer.

Driver’s license: I am currently hard at work with trying to get my driver’s license. I failed miserably the last time, since I was so nervous that I forgot how to use the stick properly. This time, though, I’m hopefully not all that nervous, and we’ve been practising a lot on the stuff I failed on, me and my driver’s education teacher. This is the last chance I have to get my driver’s licence this year, so I really want to pass this time.

The Japanese Red Cross mascot. Relevant because wherever we saw this, there was a blood donor bus close by.

The Japanese Red Cross mascot. Relevant because wherever we saw this, there was a blood donor bus close by.

Donating blood: So yeah. I’ve been wanting to become a blood donor for many years now, but since I was on a just too high dose of antidepressants for several years, I wasn’t allowed to donate blood. Since I stopped taking the antidepressants, the blood bank has given me several appointments, but never any who didn’t collide with something else I had to do. Until now. First, they tried to make me donate blood five minutes after my driver’s licence test, and there’s no way in Hell I could make that trip in five minutes – not even if they came and picked me up in an ambulance. I texted them and told them that I’m free the rest of the day, though, and they actually moved my appointment! And for once, I’m able to donate blood!

Other stuff: Other than these two points, I haven’t been up to much. Except writing. And three days or so of work.


Since our Internet has broken down completely right now, and I have about 400 megabytes left on my cell phone plan, I have no idea how often I can manage to update this blog before the Internet is back.

Oh well.

Today I went to work, and it was a new place. I love going to work at places I haven’t worked before, because obviously a lot of people doing what I do doesn’t do a good job. (Bad sentence, I know.)

Anyways, it was fun, and I got to do something else than sitting at the checkout all day.

I managed to hurt myself a little on a cardboard box full of fruit, though.



After work, I went to my favourite gaming shop and treated myself to a new game.


New, as in I didn’t have it yet, of course. I have the least filled Pokedex possible, with one captured and three seen, but as fast as I get Pokeballs, I’m gonna capture me a Bidoof. Yeah!

Now I own Sapphire, Fire Red, White and Pearl.

Then I took Husband home, and we cooked pasta with camembert and ham.


I am so full right now, it’s not even funny. Well, maybe a bit funny.

My Sunday Feeling

It’s Sunday. It’s quite rainy and windy and grey outside, and I crave hot chocolate. We have no milk. And due to the weather I really don’t wanna go to a shop to fetch milk neither.

I’m also slightly hungover. Not enough to drop work if I get a shift tonight. Just enough to feel slightly miserable and nauseated. But then again, if I get a shift, I have to leave the house and enter a grocery shop anyways, and I can buy milk. So that’s a thing.

In other news: Our Internet provider decided that the street we live in is overloaded. Again. So they reduced our Internet speed. Again. Now we are three family units sharing a 1 Mbit wireless connection. I can barely read online newspapers because of pictures taking forever to load. Facebook is a pain. And YouTube and Netflix is basically not even worth trying. Want an example? I reloaded my blog in my browser, and Husband’s Diablo III character died due to latency.

So we’re kinda angry about that.

But then again, barely any Internet is a great excuse to play Final Fantasy IV on my DS, so there’s always that.

“Do you want a bag?”

I currently work for a firm that rents people out to work in grocery shops. The firm call me, and tell me where and when I need to be somewhere, and I get paid.

It sucks sometimes, but I get a decent pay.

I want to tell you about asking customers if they want a bag. My job is to greet the customer cheerfully, scan their stuff, ask them if they want a bag, tell them their total, accept money, ask if they want a receipt, and then wish them a nice day/weekend/night/whatever. There are posters in the back room in some of the shops, telling the employees to do just this.

And still some customers gets really pissed because I ask them whether or not they want a bag.

There are actually two situations they get annoyed by the question. It’s either:
a) when they have bought just one item, and don’t see the need for a bag, and
b) when they buy a lot, and there’s no way they can carry it home without a bag, and I should bloody well not have to ask.

Point b). How should I, as the cashier, know that your pockets aren’t full of bags that you intend to use? | From weheartit.com

I have been in several situations that makes these two arguments for not having to ask for a bag invalid. Let’s take the two points.

For point a): I have had a surprising amount of customers that want a bag for their lollipop. Yes. I’m not kidding. Those tiny lollipops most grocery shops have? Yup, customers wanted bags. And if I don’t ask them if they want a bag, they will ask for a bag after they’ve paid, hoping to get it for free. (Since bags cost 0.99 kr a piece. Not a lot, but if it happens often, we lose money. Not good.) And if I ask, they are less likely to try asking for a free bag. This is the reason why I ask you if you want a bag, no matter how few items you buy.

For point b): News flash – there is a thing called shopping nets. It saves the environment, and you won’t have to pay for a plastic bag every time you go shopping. And some people even reuse old plastic bags for another trip to the grocery shop, and have several bags folded together in their pockets. I don’t have x-ray vision, so I don’t know whether or not you have your pockets filled with shopping bags. So I’ll have to ask. Also, I would like to know how many bags you want, since they aren’t free. And, sometimes people buy extra grocery bags for their trash cans, since they’re about the right size for many bins.

So since there are so many different people, buying or not buying grocery bags, I will have to ask every single customer whether or not they want a bag. It’s that simple. And yelling at me “because I should know better” doesn’t change the fact that my job is to ask you for a bag, or make your or my day any better. I am trying my best to give you the best service I can manage, no matter how I feel, and no matter how much of an idiot I think you are.

Disclaimer: Most customers are fantastic. Even though I use the pronoun “you” doesn’t mean you specifically.



This is the weather forecast on my cell phone today. It makes great promises about the fantastic weather we’re obviously having.


Yeah. Doesn’t look sunny. Also, now it just started raining. Haha.

So yeah. Husband left me for a couple of days, so I’m on my way to town to buy myself a coffee, and maybe knit a little. I have a tiny hope that someone will join me, so we’ll see.


So what am I currently knitting? I am in the process of making some purple slipper thingies for my Madam Mim costume for Halloween. I need sixteen squares, and have made six and a half.