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Day Zero Project

I’m a part of a group of people who are going to start a list of 101 things we want to accomplish in 1001 days, starting January 1st 2015. We all have different lists, and we’re using the web page dayzeroproject.com to keep track of this.

You can find my personal list here, or you can click the link on the top of the page, which will lead you to the list. I’m pretty sure the list on my actual Day Zero Project profile will be updated more often than the one I have pasted here on my blog, but I will try to update them both.

Some of the goals are really easy to do, others are easy, but take time, and others again are harder. But all the things on this list are things I think I’ll be able to do during 1001 days (2,7 years), so I have hopes that I’ll get through them all.

Some of the things on my list are on someone else’s list too, so some things we’ll do together. Other things, we’ll do alone.

I will try to make some posts about my progress through this project, but since I know myself pretty well, there might also not be too many updates. We’ll see.

Now I just can’t wait until I’m allowed to start!

Things I’m doing instead of writing

Because NaNoWriMo Week 2 is over us.

  • Being at work.
  • Watching Pirates of the Caribbean. All four of them in a binge.
  • Staring at that blinky line in the word processor of choice. It’s mocking me.
  • Cursing at mules. Although this happens more when I’m writing, because of my characters.
  • Date night with Husband. It’s his fault, being so romantic and stuff.
  • Waiting for the bus to and from work. And walking from work because it’s almost an hour until the next bus arrives, and walking takes half an hour.
  • Thinking “Now it’s time for tea/snack/whatever” without having anything written. Then spend a lot of time making said tea/snack/whatever.
  • Looking at today’s word count and thinking “It’s over zero, that means it’s all good.”
  • Researching. Especially non-book-related research.

The perks of not having Internet

Since I have no Internet at home, I have had to remember what I did before I had Internet in the first place. Here are some things I have been doing since my Internet disappeared:

  • Watch a lot of documentaries about different things. I know more about the Second World War now than I did a week ago.
  • Play Pokémon. I have all the gym badges in White, and have gotten a lot of progress in Pearl.
  • Start NaNoWriMo. I did leech on my cell phone Internet to hang in the chat while it all started, but it mostly happened offline.
  • Eat a lot out of boredom.
  • Watch old Disney movies.
  • Have a reason not to do stuff, like checking Facebook. “You see, I don’t have Internet, so I missed that.”
  • Have a reason to get out the door. Cafés with free WiFi, yo.
  • Drop into an annoying depression.
  • NOT play Diablo III. Boo. I want those Paragon levels.
  • Live in the sofa.

Our ordinary schedual will resume as fast as the Internet provider find out what’s wrong with our Internet connection.