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Hookay, this has been an amazing year. At least the second half of it, and although the first half was mostly used to feeling crap, the effects were amazing.

I started this year weaning off antidepressants. I had tonnes of withdrawal symptoms, and weren’t always sure whether or not I would manage getting through that at all, without curling up in a ball for the whole half year. But thanks to awesome friends, and the bestest fiancé a girl could want, I pulled through. And I learned stuff about how I should get through things, and also just how much my meds covered up all feelings, not just the bad ones.

I also got the stomach flu for my birthday this year.

Easter was celebrated in Oslo at my grandparents’ this year. My mom and my little brother came over from Sweden bringing Påskmust, which is a soda from Sweden that is made of awesome and nostalgia. And also candy.

May went by in an icky cloud of depression. And then I found out that it was, indeed, my job that made me depressed, so I quit. My doctor was, like, “hell no, you need to get out of there, right now!” and I just quit. Soon after, I started working as a grocery store clerk in all the Bunnpris shops in town. And, although I get yelled at on an almost daily basis, I actually liked my new job better.

Summer 2014. The weather was amazing, and really hot. I got pollen allergy, and passed my driver’s education theory test. I also started forgetting what fruit and veg was really called, and usually called them the four-digit code we use in the shop instead.

And also wedding planning. Which, in our case, included going to the annual Viking market in town and using a painful amount of money.

September. I didn’t work for a single hour in September. The first week was only wedding preparations. Then, the wedding weekend happened. This was the best day of my life. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Having a party for love with most of your loved ones around you is pure bliss. I was so tired when I finally went to bed, and I didn’t really want to go to bed, because the day was so perfect and the fire was so warm and the people were so amazing. But then I almost fell over from exhaustion, so I went to bed.

The whole next week, I walked around in a cosy bliss, being called “wife” by my now husband. And then, we left Norway for Japan for two weeks. Best honeymoon decision ever.

Then, November came. I donated blood for the first time (yay!), passed my driver’s test (woop!), and won NaNoWriMo too! Almost no work, however, which made my bank account sad.

December was spent in a pre-Christmas blur of cosiness and warmth. I also worked a lot, and earned more in the first half of December than in November. And then Christmas vacation happened, and I was out of town, unable to work, so the total pay for December turned out to be quite low anyway.

Also, both my computer and my cell phone decided to die during the Christmas vacation. The cell phone was okay, since it was old and unreliable anyways, and I actually got a new one for Christmas this year. My C:\ drive, however, was not okay. So yesterday we had to buy two new hard drives instead of one (since Husband’s hard drive had been turning itself off randomly for a month or so now, and needed to be changed), and my Windows product key is missing, so I had to install Ubuntu instead. And gaming on Ubuntu? Not very easy.

Anyways, here’s a small wish that 2015 will be half as amazing as 2014. We’ll be celebrating tonight at a couple of friends’ house.

November, 2014

I’m thinking about starting this thing where I look back at the previous month and pull out what was good, highlights and other spiffy things. It might be a monthly thing, and it might not – I know myself way too well to say that I’ll definitely do it, since my brain often go “oh no, you won’t!” and it happens a total of one, maybe two, times.

Anyway. On with the show.


Good shit

  • I got my Driver’s Licence!
  • I donated blood for the first time!
  • I won NaNoWriMo for the first time, on the sixth try!

Bad shit

  • Winter happened, so I’m constantly freezing. Snow didn’t happen, though.
  • Almost no work, so my pay has been super low. Less than welfare.
  • The month started with no Internet.

All in all

Can’t complain, really. It has been an awesome month, and although I felt a depression starting in the end of October, I haven’t really felt anything close to a depression during November. December is such a warm, light, fuzzy month anyways, and as soon as I start putting up Yuletide decorations (I don’t celebrate the Christian part of Christmas, so it’s easier to call it Yuletide), there’s no chance I will fall into a depression. You never know, though.

January, on the other hand…

All in all, November 2014 has been a social, funny and positive month. I accomplished more in a month than I usually do in a year, I hung out with awesome people several times a week because of NaNoWriMo, there’s no snow yet (I don’t really like snow), and I didn’t get the depression I thought I would get. And despite it being a cold, moneyless month, I had a good time, and I had enough money to survive.

The Winningest Kitten!

Okay, the two last days have been crazy.

Firstly, this happened:

Look at this! I did it!

Look at this! I did it!

Yeah. I kinda won NaNoWriMo for the first time.

That was yesterday.

Today turned out to be just as crazy. Remember I told you I was trying to get my driver’s licence?

I passed.

I effin passed!

A part of me is petrified by the fact that they think I’m a good enough driver to be let out on the roads, and I feel that the actual driver’s test today went horrible. Obviously not. I have this piece of paper that I can bring, and it counts as a driver’s licence until my actual licence arrives in my mailbox.

Then, I donated blood for the first time! That was much less uncomfortable than I thought it would be. I was sure I was going to be so dizzy, but nope. I’m just very tired. And trying to drink more than I use to to build up my fluid levels again.

I also have a leg of lamb preparing in the oven, and I think Husband said something about chocolate mousse. And, since a whole leg of lamb would go bad before we could manage to eat it, we’re having friends over for dinner.

Life is good. <3

NaNoWriMo 2014, day 10 report

I have written so few words the last days, I was sure the plateau was coming.

Then today came around.

fgsjfysydThat, my friends, are 30.000 words. 3000 of them written today.

And, since I knew pirates would be a big part of my novel for the next five thousand words or so, I saw all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies again. Tomorrow, I might see some more pirate movies, if I don’t decide to go to town and hang out at a café instead.

I’m still ahead, and I’m still pretty sure I will make it this year. A couple of more days where I push myself, and I’m there.

Who knows – maybe  I’ll pass by last year’s record tomorrow? 3400 more words, and I’m there.

Things I’m doing instead of writing

Because NaNoWriMo Week 2 is over us.

  • Being at work.
  • Watching Pirates of the Caribbean. All four of them in a binge.
  • Staring at that blinky line in the word processor of choice. It’s mocking me.
  • Cursing at mules. Although this happens more when I’m writing, because of my characters.
  • Date night with Husband. It’s his fault, being so romantic and stuff.
  • Waiting for the bus to and from work. And walking from work because it’s almost an hour until the next bus arrives, and walking takes half an hour.
  • Thinking “Now it’s time for tea/snack/whatever” without having anything written. Then spend a lot of time making said tea/snack/whatever.
  • Looking at today’s word count and thinking “It’s over zero, that means it’s all good.”
  • Researching. Especially non-book-related research.

NaNoWriMo 2014, day 7 report

2014-11-06 23.57.04

We write a total of almost 300 words. But as long as I keep writing, it’s okay. More than 250 words means that the plateau isn’t here yet. Plateau = nil words.

2014-11-07 10.50.54

In other words, I got my donor stuff from NaNoWriMo today! So I have a NaNoWriMo Wizard bracelet thing (pictured above) and some stickers and a bookmark (pictured below).

2014-11-07 10.54.02

The bookmark is signed by the Director of Programs and the Executive Director of NaNoWriMo. And that’s kinda neat!

I don’t know whether or not to stick the stickers on my laptop. I’m not planning to keep this laptop for too many more years. Maybe I can stick them on my NaNoWriMo plastic folder, where I store my random plot generators and notes. I’m not sure yet. Agh, the commitment!

Also, work promised they would send me a text message with the time and place for work tomorrow. And then they decided to not send me the text they promised. So now I have a vague idea of when to be at work, but no idea as of where. And it’s nearly impossible to reach them on the phone between Friday afternoon and Monday morning. Stress!